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Create Access Key

Access Keys are credentials allowing to access S3-compatible resources and deploy via Github Actions and Terraform. NodeShift uses these keys automatically to verify user identity and protect the files. But they can also be utilized for direct access to the data. For example, using AWS CLI.

Generate Credentials

Navigate to the Access Keys page. During the first visit the page will be empty.

Access KeysAccess Keys

To start, create your first key. Click Create Access Key.

Create Access KeyCreate Access Key

When a key is generated, it is automatically saved for this NodeShift account for future usage. Access keys represent a pair of two items - Key ID and the Secret value. Secret value will not be accessible after closing the generation window. Therefore, it should be saved securely and never shared with anyone. ID and Secret can be copied separately or downloaded at at once.

NodeShift allows for multiple access keys to be generated for a single account. Generated keys are displayed in a table, where they can be deleted one by one or in bulk.

Access Keys ListAccess Keys List

Deleting an access key in this table prevents future access to the resources using the ID and the Secret from this key.