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Connect to Compute VMs using SSH

NodeShift Compute VMs can be connected to and controlled through a terminal and SSH. In order to utilize your Virtual Machines, you need to possess an SSH client and, if desired, an SSH key pair. Compute VMs offer two methods for authentication - SSH keys which are a secure protocol used as the primary method of connecting to Linux servers remotely and Passwords which offer less security and are not recommended.

Connecting to a NodeShift Virtual Machine using SSH

In order to connect to your Compute VM, you will require the following information:

Information NeededWhere to get it?
Compute VM IP AddressCompute VM Instance page.
Default server usernameOn the majority of operating systems the default username is usually ‘root’.
PasswordIn case you opted out of using SSH then leverage the password that you used upon the creation of the Deployment.

Access the Compute VM Instance page in order to retrieve the IP address:

CPU DeploymentCPU Deployment

After retrieving the IP Address, SSH key and Password (if necessary) for your Virtual Machine instance, follow the instructions of your SSH client to connect to your Compute VM and manage it.