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Delete a GPU VM

In order to delete a GPU VM use deweb-services/delete_gpu_action with following required parameters:

  • access-key
  • secret-key
  • uuid

The output value has the variable name success and can be retrieved via ${{ steps.delete-gpu-step-id.outputs.success }}


name: Main

on: [ push ]

runs-on: ubuntu-latest
name: A job to destroy gpu
- name: Delete gpu action step
id: delete-gpu
uses: deweb-services/[email protected]
access-key: 'jvaaat2m...'
secret-key: 'jz5eeeeivffffqan...'
uuid: '71837058-4a8d-4b02-84a6-8f6b12bda303'
- name: Get the operation result
run: echo "The deletion was successful ${{ steps.delete-gpu.outputs.success }}"

The "access-key" parameter refers to a Access Keys credential pair. Access keys are accessible in the Access keys menu item on NodeShift. You can read more about creating and using them in the Access Keys section.