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Terraform is a tool that enable to describe and deploy infrastructure using a declarative configuration language. This code can be versioned and reused for consistent environments. Within NodeShift, it can be used to create and manage the following resources:

  • Compute VMs
  • GPU VMs
  • Storage
  • Virtual Private Cloud

Example definition:

terraform {
required_providers {
nodeshift = {
source = ""

provider "nodeshift" {
access_key = "ACCESS_KEY"
secret_access_key = "SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"

All following parameters are optional

  • access_key (String, Sensitive) Access Key for Nodeshift
  • profile (String) Nodeshift profile name
  • s3_endpoint (String) Nodeshift s3 endpoint address
  • s3_region (String) Nodeshift s3 region
  • secret_access_key (String, Sensitive) Secret Access Key for Nodeshift
  • shared_credentials_file (String) Path to credentials file Nodeshift

Note: use either (access_key and secret_access_key) or shared_credentials_file parameters.