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Create a Virtual Private Cloud

NodeShift Virtual Private Cloud offer enhanced security by establishing a protected connection among Virtual Machine resources, ensuring that the network remains inaccessible from the public internet and other VPC networks. This heightened level of security safeguards your data and resources from unauthorized access and potential threats.

Create a VPC in the Dashboard

There are two approaches in creating a NodeShift Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The default option when creating a new Virtual Machine is that if there are no VPCs available, a default VPC will be allocated to the VM and created on behalf of the user by NodeShift. However, the user can also choose to manually create one or multiple VPC upfront prior to Virtual Machine deployment.

In order to create a VPC in NodeShift manually, you need to first sign up for an account. Log into the account and from the dashboard, navigate to the menu on the left side and select the VPC option, after which choose ‘Create VPC’.

Configure the Private IP Range

In order to allocate a private IP for a more secure communication within a specific range, you need to choose one of the two options.

  • NodeShift to generate an IP range for you - recommended approach

  • Configure your own IP range - you will need to specify a subnet IP prefix and size

Choose a Name and Description

This part of the VPC creation allows you to provide a name for your instance and note down a description of its purpose so it is easier to manage multiple different VPC instances in the future.

Create a Virtual Private Cloud

Once you have configured your VPC, you can press ‘Create VPC’ which will deploy a new VPC instance for you. After this you can use it when creating new Virtual Machines or add existing Virtual Machines into it.