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Getting Started

The NodeShift platform allows developers to deploy affordable Virtual Machines and Storage while entirely solving the friction problem of decentralization by uniting a set of infrastructure and application services that enable developers to run everything in the decentralized cloud through one simplified UI.

Creating Your Account

NodeShift offers developers the option to create accounts through a traditional approach using email and single sign-on options that include Google and GitHub. Additionally, the platform provides Web3 registration and authentication options using Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, Ledger, Keplr and Polkadot.

Deploy Your First Application

Building on NodeShift is simple, the mission is to provide you with all the underlying infrastructure that you might need from GPUs to Compute and Storage. Leverage NodeShift in order to train powerful machine learning models on GPUs ranging from A100 to Titan RTX, or easily deploy generative AI models and let them scale automatically.

Launch your application using Compute VMs for your compute Virtual Machine needs anywhere in the world and simply mount additional storage when and if necessary. Pay only for what you use at the most affordable rates on the market.