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S3-compatible Storage Buckets

NodeShift Storage Buckets offers a service for storing and delivering vast quantities of data in an S3-compatible object storage system. Each Storage Bucket functions as a personal repository for file storage and delivery. The decentralized nature of storage solution allows for increased privacy where no one other than the user can access their data. Data decentralization also enables NodeShift storage to be up to 30 times cheaper compared to traditional cloud developers.

The storage service also enables the creation of data lakes tailored to your analytics requirements, while also offering storage capabilities for developing robust cloud-native and mobile applications. Easily scale up your storage to accommodate high-performance computing and machine learning workloads.

NodeShift offers three tiers of storage:

Hot StorageCold StorageArchive Storage
DescriptionOptimized for quick and frequent access to data. It is designed to provide high-performance and low-latency access, making it suitable for storing data that is actively being used or accessed frequently.Designed for long-term data retention and archiving. Created for storing data that is infrequently accessed or needs to be stored for compliance or regulatory purposes.Similar to cold storage but specifically focused on long-term retention of data that is rarely accessed or needed. It is primarily used for preserving data for extended periods, such as historical records, regulatory compliance, or legal requirements.
Price per TB$5 per TB$2 per TB$1 per TB
Egress priceConsult the NodeShift teamConsult the NodeShift teamConsult the NodeShift team